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Usage of the Tibetan separatist flag[རྩོམ་སྒྲིག]

I'm going to repeat what I posted at User talk:

It is not currently the flag of an internationally recognized country. By including the flag, it is taking a stance on a political issue. (In fact even in cases where flags are recognized "neutral" indicators are sometimes used instead - For example uses an outline of the country instead of the Vietnamese flag in order to not offend South Vietnamese in the diaspora who have a grudge against the Vietnamese government, and likewise uses Taipei 101. Wikipedia's goal is to be neutral on political conflicts.

Isn't there a better symbol of Tibet, something that is not politically taboo? en:Template:WikiProject Tibet uses File:Potala_palace24.jpg and I'm going to the embassies to ask those Wikipedias to consider changing all the instances of the Tibetan flag you mentioned which are unnecessary. Also File:TAR-TAP-TAC.png is also a better idea for an image -- Again it's okay to use the Tibetan flag in articles/sections which discuss the separatist movement and/or the usage of the flag prior to it becoming a separatist flag, but remember that Wikipedia should not be seen as endorsing Tibetan independent/separatism or any other political cause like that. I strongly advise Wikipedians to only use separatist flags/flags with political connotations where necessary WhisperToMe (talk) ༢༣:༣༨, ༡༢ ཟླ་བཞི་བ། ༢༠༡༦ (UTC)