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About the years, I suggest making a classification by continent so that it'is more clear. I already begun 3 years and here is the structure which I put.

Because the Tibetan world is not limited in Autonomous region of the Tibet, nor in China, we could begin with a part " Tibetan World"... What do you think about?

== Africa ==
== North America ==
== South America ==
== Antarctica ==
== Europe ==
== Oceania ==
== Nobel Prizes ==
== Inventions ==
== Notes and references ==
== Bibliography ==
== See also ==
== External links ==

—This unsigned comment was added by Beaukarpo (talkcontribs)

Let me see... The problem would be that the headline "Antarctica" seems odd, because very few events happen in this continent, compared to other 6, because it has no permanent inhabitants. Moreover, Oceania is not used frequently - "Australia" is the one used more often. If we base year articles on the location, many problems will occur when we write something about countries which are both Asian and European ones (such as Russia). That's why I think your proposed structure is not the best idea. I would suggest the following structure (the one which is accepted in many Wikipedias I know, such as,,
== Events ==
== Births ==
(the same principle, but not included in the articles about recent years)
== Deaths ==
(the same principle as in "events")
== Nobel Prize awards ==
[[File:Nobel Prize.png|right|100px]]
* Chemistry – medalist
* Economics – medalist
* Literature – medalist
* Peace – medalist
* Physics – medalist
* Physiology or Medicine – medalist
(== Inventions == can be also included)
== Notes and references ==

As for the graphs== Bibliography ==,== See also == ,== External links ==, they are unnecessary in the articles about years, because we'd never fill them with any information. Kind regards. --Viskonsas ༡༠:༠༩, ༢༠ ཟླ་དགུ་བ། ༢༠༠༩ (UTC)

I think you right about nobel price and references, etc. but the events by month look really confused. I found by continent in some wikipedia (example: French wikipedia) and it looks more clear. What do you think?

--སྤེའུ་དཀར་པོ། ༡༢:༣༤, ༢༠ ཟླ་དགུ་བ། ༢༠༠༩ (UTC)

The news which are not only from 1 countries could become automatically “Events”

== Events ==

--སྤེའུ་དཀར་པོ། ༠༠:༣༢, ༢༡ ཟླ་དགུ་བ། ༢༠༠༩ (UTC)

Yes. I checked year articles in and they also use the structure I proposed. I am still thinking that events categorization by continent in articles about years is not very logical. Why do you think that events by month look so confused? In my opinion it would be much easier for other users: order of the events would be clear and we could easily disguise the list of months, using <nowiki><nowiki> (you can try it in Wikipedia:Sandbox:

== Events ==
This text would be hidden

--Viskonsas ༡༤:༢༦, ༢༡ ཟླ་དགུ་བ། ༢༠༠༩ (UTC)