Category talk:བོད་རང་སྐྱོང་ལྗོངས།

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If i can sugger something, I think it should me better to finish this category with a ། and not by a point (བོད་རང་སྐྱོང་ལྗོངས།). When the last word is ང Tibetan grammar finish the sentence by one point and one “stick” (ང་།) and if the last word is a ག, there is nor point nor stick. But in all other case, the sentence finish by a stick and no point.—This unsigned comment was added by Beaukarpo (talkcontribs)

I agree with you. --Viskonsas ༡༦:༥༣, ༡༩ ཟླ་བཅུ་བ། ༢༠༠༩ (UTC)[reply]